Waste management


Intermediation and transport services


Xifonia is enrolled in the Italian Register of Environmental Operators under no. PA/010527 for the following categories:

1oF Single and specific Services included in category 1 (collection and transport of urban waste) 13/11/2024
4B Collection and transport of non-hazardous special waste 13/11/2024
5D Collection and transport of hazardous waste 13/11/2024
8D Waste trade and brockerage, without phisical possession of the waste 16/07/2023
9C Sites remediation 19/07/2024
10AC Remediation of the following materials containing asbestos: construction materials containing asbestos in a bonded cement or resin matrix24/07/2024
10BC Remediation of the following materials containing asbestos: friction materials, insulating materials (panels, pans, papers and cardboards, textiles, sprayed materials, stucco, enamels, bitumens, adhesives, seals and other insulating materials), pressure containers, end-of life equipment and other incoherent materials containing asbestos 24/07/2024