Maintenance and industrial cleaning

Thanks to a third generation entrepreneurial tradition and a continuous research for Best Available Technique, Xifonia plays a leading role at national and international level in the supply of services with high added value.

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Tank cleaning

Tank cleaning involves certain risk that cannot be underestimated. Poisoning, asphyxia, fire and explosion are real risks that must prevented by minimizing and (where possible) eliminating human presence inside the confined space.
For forty years Xifonia has been refining and implementing its cleaning techniques with the precise purpose of safeguarding workers' health and environment...


Industrial maintenance

Whether planned activities or emergency operations (Revamping, Turn-around, Shut-down, Start-up, etc.), Xifonia is able to provide high quality standards in the following activities...

Video Inspection & rehabilitation of underground pipes.

In both civil and industrial sectors, the status of pipelines is an aspect that should not be overlooked. All too often, otherwise, damages appears when it is already too late.
Thanks to no-dig technologies (no excavation) it is possible to monitor and intervene on underground pipelines in a preventive way, without resorting to traditional "open-air" methods.


Waste management

Xifonia is enrolled in the Italian Register of Environmental Operators under no. PA/010527 for the following categories (authorisations are available in the download section):

Category 1 - Class F
Category 4 - Class B
Category 5 - Class D
Category 8 - Class D
Category 9 - Class C
Category 10A - Class C
Category 10B - Class C


Although asbestos processing has been outlawed for more than twenty years (Law No 257 of 27 March 1992), the signs of its intensive use are still too widespread in civil and industrial sectors.
Securing contaminated environments, besides being a legal obligation, is a duty to health.